Artisan is a smarter compliance process

Female construction manager smiling at the camera while supervising quality control and quality assurance in building construction
  • We’ve streamlined the inspection process, and that means reduced waiting times with tradespeople and better productivity.
  • Artisan is designed to get you to better outcomes, faster. The app is easy to use, with support available if you need it.
  • Faster sign-offs and more thorough record-keeping can help you reduce risk.
  • Artisan helps keep cars off the road, so that means less congestion and lower emissions.
Female construction manager smiling at the camera while supervising quality control and quality assurance in building construction

FAQs for Building
Consent Authorities

Quicker and more productive app-based inspections, a record of work and easy problem solving mean a better connection between inspector and tradesperson - helping build trust and empowering everyone across the process.

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No, Artisan is used alongside your current process.

BRANZ is committed to inspiring the industry to provide better buildings for New Zealanders. BRANZ believes that this tool will support the industry to develop more transparent work practices and confirm the quality of workmanship. In turn, this will encourage better building results and instil greater public confidence in the sector.

A consented project gets set up by the BCA in Artisan with a "shot" list specific to each build. Everyone involved in the build process – the builders, sub-contractors and clients – uses a smartphone app to view progress of the build against the checklist. Using the phone’s photo function, builders and subbies complete the shot-list and record and see details of the build process in ‘real time’.

The information captured creates an accurate record and evidence detailing how each new home in New Zealand is built. Each time new build quality evidence is uploaded to the database, everyone from the client and design team through to product manufacturers and the Building Consent Authority inspector can be alerted. The work undertaken at each critical step will be visible for analysis and review. This allows inspectors to review, communicate with the build team, and sign off work virtually rather than having to visit site for every inspection.

Yes, the technology has been fully tested. Auckland Council, Tauranga City Council and several reputable builders were involved in the testing and development of Artisan.

There are no system integration requirements. Artisan is cloud-based and uses APIs to ensure that information can be exported into other systems.

Similar to internet banking, the records are protected to ensure information is completely safe and secure. Users must keep passwords secret and take all reasonable measure to protect information.

Yes, we can train you in person. We also have a complete process, procedure and FAQ help portal called Knowhow Manager.