BRANZ announced as finalist in 2020 New Zealand Hi-Tech awards


BRANZ Artisan’s real-time remote inspection solution is a finalist in the public good category of 2020’s NZ Hi-Tech Awards.

Artisan is an innovative quality assurance tool BRANZ has developed with the construction industry. It is already in use on residential construction sites to improve the building inspection process. Builders upload photos of their work via an app allowing council officers to inspect it remotely, instead of having to visit the site.

The result is real productivity gains for the industry through a faster inspection process, reduced travel and wait times, and improved builder understanding of ‘right first time’ Building Code compliance.

Having demonstrated a lift in build quality, reduced carbon footprint and significant increase in throughput for BCA inspectors at Auckland Council, Artisan is now being rolled out throughout the country.

"We’re proud of Artisan as a digital tool that saves both time and money while lifting build quality and improving industry efficiency," says BRANZ Chief Executive Chelydra Percy.

"At such a difficult time, this is the sort of quiet good news that reminds us that there are opportunities to build a more resilient industry following the COVID-19 lockdown. As we look towards recovery, innovative new ways of working will be in demand even more.

"We are grateful for the opportunity to pause, acknowledge a job well done, and remind ourselves we’ve got a future to build together. "

The award winners will be announced in May.